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Welcome to You will find a law database of over 3,500 general and USA legal document templates free to download and print. These forms and precedents cover commonplace business and personal arrangements for which you ordinarily would pay legal professionals. Compiled from an attorneys private archive and drafted for small to large businesses along with legal templates for family and personal use. These online templates are at your fingertips. Download professionally-written forms, contracts, letters, notices and agreements instantly; save considerable time and money.

These professional templates can serve you in many ways. Every time a trader sells (or buys) goods a contract is entered. Other contracts are sale of land, acquisition of finance, or the leasing of vehicles and equipment. Contract law is largely based upon common law principles. The law regards a contract that's been dated, signed and duly notarized as binding. The courts will often identify a contract by its terms, and its offer and acceptance. You should always sign an agreement in your true capacity.

If the form is for a corporation, sign in your capacity as a corporate official. If you just sign your name, you can be held liable personally on the contract. It could invoke a summons, subpoena, warrant, writ or decretum. Or worse, you could wind-up in a court of law with a chance you might lose the case, and have a court degree of garnishment of your wages. If you are signing for a partnership, indicate that fact. If you are signing for yourself or your own incorporated business, then you just have to sign your name. While some legal contracts have to be in drafted form, business agreements can be valid and enforceable even in the absence of written evidence of their contents.

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Certain classes of persons have limited juridical powers to contract, the principal groups being minors and bankrupts. Any legal contract made with a minor or a person under 18 years of age, may be unenforceable unless the contract is for things necessary to maintain the particular person his or her normal lifestyle. Examples of "necessaries" could be food, clothes, accommodation, and education. When in doubt, it is wise to have the contract guaranteed by a parent or guardian, and of course, duly notarized. Bankrupts have restrictions placed on their ability to enter into contractual arrangement. The law does provide protection to persons having bona fide dealings with undischarged bankrupts. The latter are liable to penalties if they obtain credit over $200 without disclosing their bankruptcy. If the buyer suggests a change in the terms, no contract is formed. It needs to be accepted by the seller before a legal form and promissory note is finalized.

Contract law requirements

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