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Leasing Commission Agreement (with instructions)
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Leasing Commission Agreement (with instructions)


1. Parties. This Agreement is made between [name] of [address] (Owner), and [name], having principal place of business at [address] (Broker).

2. Representations. Broker is a real estate broker duly licensed in [state]. Owner is the owner in fee simple of the Premises located at [address], including the building and other improvements located on it (Property).

3. Tenant Procured by Broker. Broker has procured [name of tenant] (Tenant) as a party interested in leasing the following space at the Property: [identity of space, e.g., Suite 400, Apartment 2B]. If Owner and Tenant execute a lease for such space, then Broker shall be entitled to a leasing commission as provided for in this Agreement.

4. Entitlement to Commission. If Owner and Tenant do not execute a lease of the space identified in Paragraph 3 for any reason, including the fault of either party, then Broker shall be entitled to no commission or any other payment from Owner.

5. Calculation of Commission. Broker's leasing commission shall be ---------- percent (----------%) of the fixed rate payable by Tenant during the first full year the lease is in effect.

[Alternative Paragraph]

5. Calculation of Commission. Broker's commission shall be the following percentage of the...


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